About Us


We believe that everybody should enjoy or at least be comfortable in what they do for a living, and that there is no excuse to stay in a job where you feel miserable, not appreciated, or like you don't belong. One of the hardest challenges to realize the job you have been dreaming about is to get the opportunity once you come across one.


We at Veni Vidi CV will help you to not miss those opportunities and make sure you can take full advantage of them. Whether it's for showcasing your career profile, freelance portfolio, or any form of promoting yourself, we understand the psychology and science behind CV, and we are passionate about it.


We are member of PARWCC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches), we are in the process of getting CPRW certification (Certified Professional Resume Writer), which means we have proven knowledge and capability to create the perfect professional profile for you We focus on CV, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter because they are basically where the recruiters get the first image of you, and if done right, will open further paths to your dream job. We are excited to help you bring out the best version of yourself and land you that job you have been dreaming about.